Leadership Team

Carlene Anteau – Vice President, Marketing

Carlene Anteau leads all aspects of Twistle’s marketing strategy including demand generation, communications, digital and sales enablement. Carlene began her career as a critical care nurse, then transitioned to roles in health information technology to impact patient care delivery on a larger scale. Her background includes 30+ years of marketing, sales and clinical experience at leading EMR, population health and clinical communications companies.

Carlene holds a Bachelor of Science in nursing from The University of Toledo, and a Master of Science from The University of Michigan.

Carlene Anteau VP of Marketing

Latest Articles Featuring Carlene 

Ensuring equitable vaccine access

Ensuring Equitable Vaccine Distribution

Twistle is currently working with large health systems to automate vaccine communication with their staff and first responders, and they are also beginning to communicate with the general public.

CDC Proposed Phase 1 Sequence

The Looming Task of Vaccinating an Entire Country

Despite the fact that millions of Americans will be vaccinated in the CDC’s Phase 1 Sequence, millions more are eager to get in line. This mass vaccination effort will be a first for our healthcare system, and represents a significant opportunity for providers to build brand loyalty and deeper ties to their community. 

Managing COVID-19 vaccine administration

The Next Challenge for Healthcare Providers? COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Recent news of the FDA’s emergency use approval of highly effective COVID-19 vaccines brings hope that our lives may soon return to normal. The vaccines, however, once approved, will still need to be distributed to millions of Americans.