As we shared last month, Twistle was recently recognized by analyst firm, KLAS Research, as a standout vendor for our innovative patient engagement platform. This is great validation that our technology platform is delivering as expected and making a difference for patients as they embark on a variety of healthcare journeys.

KLAS compiles their reports by evaluating health IT solutions in a variety of categories including the quality of the product, return on investment, usability, company leadership and more. By interviewing healthcare leaders at organizations where the Twistle platform is implemented, KLAS is able to gain a comprehensive understanding of Twistle’s value to its clients and their patients.

A primary benefit of this research from Twistle’s perspective is reading the comments made by our clients. These are shared with us anonymously and give us valuable insight into where we’re succeeding, how we can continue to improve our solution, and how health IT solutions can make a big difference in the complex landscape of healthcare delivery.

To know that our clients shared so many positive comments means a lot to us. We will continue to focus on our values including striving to be better and putting patients first, and use this information to keep growing and improving, with a focus on:

Being a flexible partner. COVID-19 has demanded an agile approach to a rapidly changing situation and knowing our customers trust us to be an innovative partner is important to us. “We reached out to the vendor for support during the COVID-19 pandemic. We needed some extra help with our patients. The help we needed was low tech and inexpensive. Twistle responded quickly and built some tools to help us. That was great. The tools were super helpful.” – VP/Other Executive, November 2020

Ensuring our solution is broadly adaptable. Another participant in the research said, “Whether the tool falls into the category of communication, response tracking, an EMR tool, or a cloud tool, the Twistle system is the tool to use. We have hypothesized that there is something that the tool isn’t right for, but at this point, it is showing itself to be incredibly adaptable, and that is very exciting. I envision that the Twistle system will have really broad applicability in today’s healthcare and potentially in other markets where there are communication gaps.” – Director, July 2020

Keeping patients at the center of the solution. If patients don’t get something out of a digital healthcare tool, they simply won’t use it. We pay close attention to engagement rates and continually look for opportunities to optimize the patient experience, so this comment hit home in a great way: “This solution is great. Our patients are really happy with it. Our scores for patient feedback about this product are always really high. That is fantastic.” – Director, October 2020

This solution is great. Our patients are really happy with it. Our scores for patient feedback about this product are always really high. That is fantastic.


October 2020

We’re also energized by the results our clients are achieving. The most important thing we can do as a company is to improve patient outcomes so that they can live their healthiest lives. And the corollary benefits are staggering — better quality of life, lower cost of care, provider efficiency and the ability to treat more patients. KLAS was able to validate these measurable results including fewer readmissions, lower length of stay, and higher patient satisfaction.

One of Twistle’s primary values is #StriveToBeBetter and feedback like this both affirms what’s going well, and energizes us to do better. We sincerely thank our clients for the time they spent to help us get there!

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