Hypertension Management Software

Helping Providers Diagnose, Monitor and Manage Hypertension

Despite the 2017 change in guidelines defining Stage 1 and Stage 2 hypertension, healthcare organizations still struggle to effectively monitor and manage blood pressure to goal. That is why leading health organizations are partnering with Twistle.

Our proven patient engagement software and integration with remote physiologic monitoring (RPM) devices, are helping providers diagnose, monitor, and manage hypertension, while prioritizing staff focus on patients that need attention most.

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Automated, Secure Clinical Messaging Pathways for Hypertension

Twistle’s secure hypertension communication pathways use out-of-office blood pressure measurements to confirm diagnosis and support management through lifestyle change and BP-lowering medications.

Confirm hypertension diagnosis using a 14- to 28-day messaging and surveillance pathway that gathers daily blood pressure readings and provides educational content to the patient.

To manage and control hypertension, Twistle provides a long-term communication pathway that helps you:

  • Gather regular blood pressure readings
  • Monitor medication use
  • Provide educational hypertension content
  • Encourage lifestyle changes
  • Support clinical intervention via dashboards and alerts

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The Role of RPM and Patient Engagement

Home blood pressure monitoring is an inexpensive, widely available, yet underutilized tool to assist with the diagnosis of hypertension.

Twistle’s integration with a wide array of RPM devices allows you to collect blood pressure data and deliver a series of customized educational messages, videos and tools to help hypertensive patients:

  • Evaluate their current health condition
  • Understand hypertension risk factors
  • Make lifestyle changes that decrease long-term risk for heart attack and stroke
  • Manage medications and treatments to reach blood pressure goal

Download our case study to learn how leaders at ChristianaCare are improving early detection of postpartum hypertension with Twistle. 

Optimizing the Patient Experience for Hypertension

To drive adoption and create a holistic health care journey, organizations must optimize the patient experience with customized, engaging messaging. That also includes automated preventative care communication.

Twistle’s patient engagement software consistently achieves industry leading engagement rates by dynamically responding to the patient’s blood pressure readings and assessment data, to creating an individualized patient experience. The result: a patient population that is more engaged and more committed to achieving blood pressure control.

Learn how Twistle can support your unique engagement needs.

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Remote Patient Monitoring Guide

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has the potential to significantly improve healthcare outcomes, increase care team efficacy, and reduce healthcare costs. Launching a successful RPM program, however, can be challenging. This eBook outlines the important steps that will help you ensure success:

  • Identifying the best use cases

  • Designing your RPM program

  • Getting started

  • Considerations for connected devices

  • Ensuring long term success

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