When implemented properly, it’s no secret that Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols can lead to improvements in surgical outcomes, patient adherence, and cost of care. To create a more effective ERAS process, healthcare organizations should integrate user-friendly technology that can enhance the efficiency and productivity. Twistle, a care plan automation tool, allows secure, automated messaging through a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer to ensure patients stay on track with their surgical care plan.

Twistle’s care plan automation works in tandem with an enhanced recovery plan to streamline communication among surgical patients, family caregivers, specialists, specialty pharmacies, care coordinators and others involved in good health outcomes—encouraging each party to proactively work together to achieve positive health outcomes.  This healthcare tech creates more consistent, efficient, and productive communication.

By delivering customized pathways, Twistle serves as a support system for patients on how to properly prepare for a surgery, avoid postoperative complications, and avoid the need to cancel or reschedule a surgery. Twistle uses comprehensive data collection tools to gather patient-reported outcomes. With Twistle you can easily build and iterate any kind of survey to solicit input from the patient. Patients are more confident with their quality of care and procedural outcomes with this connection to their care team.

Based on our Advocate Health case study, Reducing Readmission and Length of Stay by Proactively Engaging Patients, patients who used the Twistle app experienced satisfaction rates of 90%. The study also presented the following positive outcomes for those who have adopted this ERAS technology:

  • 87% fewer surgical patient readmissions, as problems were identified earlier in the patient care pathway
  • 38% reduction in length of patient stay, as surgeons and patients were more comfortable with an earlier discharge
  • 78% decrease in surgical site infection rate
  • 60% fewer phone calls between clinicians, staff, and patients
  • Overall improved patient compliance and adherence

And to make implementing Twistle an easy transition for healthcare teams, it is built specifically to integrate with the existing health IT ecosystem such as EHRs, scheduling systems, business intelligence platforms such as chatbots, iterative voice response telephony, registries, smart devices and more.

Twistle’s technology is a force-multiplier for ERAS programs and an evidence-based care improvement answer for both surgical patients and clinical staff. The implementation of the Twistle care plan automation platform is bound to result in improved clinical outcomes, making it an important value-based care technology for ERAS.