Secure, Patient-centric Messaging

A library of communication pathways enables rapid go-live.

User-friendly content is delivered to patients’ mobile phones to proactively answer questions and support them throughout the vaccination process. Twistle clients are also empowered to build and edit message content and protocols to tailor patient outreach as needs evolve.

Activating Patients with Digital Clinical Content

A library of clinical content and patient communication best practices can be customized for specific geographies, vaccine types, and patient segments.

Engagement before and after inoculation helps set expectations, optimize adherence and foster positive patient outcomes. Secure text messages educate, screen and collect assessment data, helping patients feel connected and reassured throughout the following:

  • Educating the general public
  • Evaluating high risks populations
  • Alleviating vaccine fears
  • Supporting vaccine administration
  • Monitoring symptoms, or automatically referring patients to the CDC’s v-safe symptom monitoring app
  • Optimizing compliance with 2nd dose administration

Rapid Vaccine Program Activation

Jump-start your COVID-19 vaccination administration program with Twistle.

Our experienced team and clinical content library will support rapid pathway customization and go-live to produce measurable outcome improvements. Contact us today to learn how Twistle is configured to address the unique characteristics of your vaccination program including:

  • Vaccine type and brand
  • Delivery schedule (21 or 28 days)
  • Potential adverse events
  • Vaccine viability window
  • State guidelines
  • CDC guidelines