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We asked our Twistle Advisors what they’re looking most forward to as HIMSS19 draws near. Spanning specialties across the healthcare industry and working in systems across the countries, here’s what they had to say:

If you were a CMIO or CIO of a health system, what would be your primary focus?

  • Cost cutting
  • Creating a very user-friendly system for patients and healthcare providers
  • Making the management of the EMR as friendly and safe as possible – integration with the disparate platforms
  • Learning about things that can solve real-world problems.

Which HIMSS topics appeal to you the most?

  • Consumer and Patient Engagement
  • Improving Quality Outcomes through Health IT
  • Process Improvement, Workflow, Change Management
  • Direct marketing to patients is now an essential in my opinion. With all the patient satisfaction assessments that all heal are systems are now engaging, patients can greatly influence how healthcare is administered.

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  • Chatbot Automation Engine
  • Clinically Validated Pathway Library
  • Configurable Surveys and Forms
  • Reputation Management Pathway
  • Clinical Instruction Cards
  • HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging
  • EHR and Smart Device Integration
  • PRO and Data Collection Integration