Patient Communication Pathways for Infections

and Autoimmune Disorders

Support population health with prevention, screening, vaccination, treatment and monitoring protocols

Twistle’s automated, HIPAA-compliant communication pathways support care coordinators, and immunology and epidemiological staff in educating, screening, assessing, managing and monitoring identified populations through their episodes of care. 

Our secure text messaging platform optimizes patient engagement for those affected by viral, bacterial and autoimmune disease. Care teams can engage with patients before and after inoculations, tests, appointments, and procedures, helping patients feel supported and reassured while delivering a 90%+ patient satisfaction.

Learn how Twistle is helping support population health through COVID-19.


“ Twistle helped us safely manage COVID-19 patients while increasing our nurse coordinator productivity. Within a week of deploying Twistle, our nurse: patient ratio increased from 1:25 to 1:100.”

Sherene Schlegel

Flexible platform fully configurable to state-specific vaccine policies and delivery needs

Engage employees and patients to streamline the COVID-19 vaccine distribution challenge:

  • Keep the general public informed
  • Notify high risk populations 
  • Educate patients and reduce vaccine fears
  • Monitor patient response
  • Optimize adherence to 2nd dose administration
  • Coordinate distribution to reduce vaccine waste
  • Collect reportable data
  • Streamline care coordination

Helping major health systems screen for and monitor COVID-19 infection

Twistle is helping major health systems provide education, screening and monitoring for patients and staff with confirmed COVID-19 infection, and those that are quarantined or concerned about a potential exposure.

Providers are safely managing COVID-19 patients while they recover in their homes. Nurse care coordinators use alerts and dashboards to identify patients at risk for deterioration and quickly intervene.

Support care coordinators and immunology staff in educating, screening, assessing, and monitoring identified populations

Patients feel connected and reassured from the safety of their homes. Our clinical content and communication protocols drive patient engagement and improve outcomes for the following epidemiologic conditions, with others in development:

  • COVID-19 :
    – Preventive measure prompts
    – Screening after exposure
    – Symptomatic self-monitoring
    – Exposed healthcare worker self-monitoring
    – Monitoring positive or presumptive cases
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations:
    – Evaluating high-risk populations
    – Symptom monitoring– Adherence with 2nd dose administration
  • Medication titration and adherence
  • Population health
  • Vaccine campaigns

See how Twistle helps you support the entire immunology patient care journey.

Integration with remote patient monitoring devices automates Immunology patient data collection

With Twistle, you can gather real-time physiologic data by integrating with in-home monitoring devices including pulse oximeters and thermometers. This gives your care teams the ability to collect important patient data, simplify logistics for patients and providers, and intervene quickly before complications arise.

Download the Twistle Immune Health Datasheet

Read about Twistle’s immune health service line, features, benefits and remote patient monitoring capabilities.

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