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How Technology Can Help Specialty Pharmacies Support Adherence and Improve Satisfaction

Specialty pharmacies often serve patients who are managing complex medical conditions that require elaborate therapies. These treatment protocols can be very expensive, and the associated medications are sometimes perishable, requiring careful handling and storage. They can also cause side effects that need to be closely monitored and managed.

A patient engagement technology solution can help ensure adherence to the medical plan of care and optimize safety of these life saving therapies. A digital communication platform can also facilitate logistics to eliminate waste and make pharmacy teams more efficient.

Credena Health Case Study

Support Medication Adherence

The first and most impactful way patient engagement technology can support specialty pharmacies and their patients is by delivering proactive reminders and education to patients’ mobile phones. Prompting patients to report adherence issues or side effects they may be experiencing also helps specialty pharmacies to intervene in a timely manner, reduce barriers, and provide added support for side effect management.

When patients have information and support to adhere to their medications, quality of life and clinical outcomes are improved. One patient enrolled in a Twistle prescription refill pathway commented, “The text message reminders and ease of submitting refills have been a great improvement in helping me take dosages on the same day and time. Thank you!” 

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patient engagement technology can also significantly impact the patient experience, improving satisfaction and increasing loyalty. Today’s healthcare consumer expects a high level of convenience and proactive outreach to facilitate refill orders and delivery logistics.

Patient engagement technology can also be used to gain a more complete picture of the patient regarding medication adherence, effectiveness, health changes, new symptoms, and disease flare ups.

Staying connected to patients on a regular basis helps them feel supported, increases brand loyalty, and helps care teams provide more comprehensive care. 

Reduce Waste, Increase Efficiency

Many specialty medications are delivered to patients’ homes and therefore, there is a logistical element that can be complicated. If a pharmacy is using phone-based outreach to complete this task, extended rounds of phone tag could delay therapies and waste staff time. In addition, patients can forget or misunderstand delivery information, which can result in the waste of expensive treatments if they are stolen or lost due to improper storage.

Secure messaging protocols can automatically prompt patients to specify when they would like medications to be delivered, and remind them on the day of delivery.

Adam Saulles, PharmD, BCACP, CSP who is the manager of Credena Health’s Clinical Pharmacy Services commented, “The Twistle pathway significantly reduces phone calls for our team and patients like that they can respond using the digital forms whenever it’s convenient for them.”

Leading Specialty Pharmacy Uses Twistle to Ensure Convenient Refill and Delivery of Specialty Medications

Credena Health is leveraging Twistle’s patient engagement technology to significantly decrease time spent on delivery logistics and increase medication adherence by prompting patients to confirm the need for a refill, provide any special delivery instructions, report adherence issues, and ask if the patient is considering switching therapies or pharmacies.

This close connection helps Credena provide exceptional service and retain patients.

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Reducing Readmissions by Proactively Engaging Patients