The Important Role of Patient Engagement in Chronic Care Management

HIMSS TV’s Patty Enrado, Senior Director of Client Content Development, recently interviewed John Janas, MD, Twistle Medical Director. In this video he shares why tackling chronic care management is so important today. Chronic conditions are a significant burden on the healthcare system and patients with a chronic condition typically have more than one, so care management can be very complex.

Care teams can take advantage of patient engagement technology to improve the diagnosis and management of chronic conditions without increasing the burden for staff and patients. Deliver content in short, digestible portions to proactively answer questions and deliver lifestyle change management tips. Care teams can also prompt patients to report health data on a regular basis, so something like high blood pressure can be detected, monitored and managed instead of waiting 3 to 6 months for a follow up visit.

Watch the interview here:

Dr. Janas believes patient engagement technology improves the relationship between care teams and patients. With a digital health platform, they can now connect in a different, more comprehensive way. Patients can receive education and provide health data to their care team asynchronously, which is convenient for them, and then care teams can intervene when it’s needed, which is not only better use of resources, but an effective way to provide care beyond the clinic.

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