“Our passion is to drive change in the medical field using technology in a way that enables patients to become partners in their own care. Better decisions lead to improved outcomes, and in its most distilled form, this saves lives.”

 –Kulmeet Singh, CEO, Twistle

Twistle is simplifying the care process for providers, caregivers and patients in large health systems across the country, automating personalized communication between clinicians and patients to improve patient engagement and facilitate better outcomes through a single, integrated platform. Partnering with healthcare providers to optimize care and population health management, Twistle automates proactive conversations with patients and their caregivers to inform timely actions, ensuring that every patient feels connected, supported and reassured.

In our new blog, we will explore the use of technology in healthcare and how the thoughtful use of digital resources is transforming the way patients are engaging with their care teams, simplifying the care process to improve patient experience and outcomes, and accelerating efficiencies and reducing physician burnout. 

Health systems are prioritizing convenient, timely, and sustained communication with their patients to build loyalty and long-term relationships, improve the health of populations in their geographies, and deliver better outcomes at lower costs. 

Gartner, a leading research and advisory company, believes consumer engagement is a transformational trend, and KLAS Research, a healthcare IT data and insights company, suggests that patient-centric—personalized and meaningful—engagement encourages active participation of individuals in their own care. According to the latest Accenture report, hospitals that provided a “superior” consumer experience achieved net margins that were 50 percent higher than those that delivered an “average” experience.

Our goal is to serve as a resource for healthcare providers in delivering relevant information and the latest studies using digital resources and also sharing the human side of healthcare. We will explore a variety of different ways that healthcare providers are engaging with their patients using technology. We look forward to telling these stories and we welcome your input, suggestions and feedback.  


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