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Engage Patients Every Step of Their Journey

Twistle puts the patient at the heart of the healthcare journey with software proven to increase engagement and adherence, reduce complications, and drive return on investment through:

  • Customizable, automated messaging pathways
  • Rich library of proven multi-disciplinary clinical content
  • Seamless integration with existing EHR and CRM technology

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Improving Patient Activation

Realize 90%+ Patient Engagement Rates

Twistle’s automated communication pathways achieve consistently high patient engagement rates by delivering customizable support and monitoring to the patients who need it most. 

Flexible patient communication modalities enable engagement across:

  • SMS text
  • Your existing portal or digital front door
  • Twistle app
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)

Twistle makes it easy for your team to seamlessly deliver exceptional care.

Healthcare Return on Investment (ROI)

Delivering Results That Put Patient Care Front and Center

We understand the financial pressures of today’s healthcare environment. Care delivery and business model changes must focus on operational efficiency, clinical quality and virtual health. You need solutions that generate a significant ROI by safely reducing length of stay and readmissions, increasing patient satisfaction, and improving care team efficiency. That’s why our clients trust Twistle to deliver patient focused results that impact the bottomline.

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Digital Patient Engagement Strategy

Streamlined Experience for Patients and Your Team

Keeping patients on track requires a care platform designed to deliver the right information at the right time. We built Twistle to seamlessly integrate with your EHR, CRM, and other systems to remove administrative burdens and help your care team focus on patient outcomes.

Integration enables automated patient outreach that is triggered through order sets, procedure schedules, and population health milestones. Patients are automatically enrolled and their response data is integrated back into source systems for a seamless clinical record.

Improving the Patient Experience

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