Medical Device & Test Reimbursement

Twistle automatically delivers a series of secure patient messages that are device- and test-specific to optimize reimbursement

Personalized education, coaching and support is delivered to the patient’s mobile phone to achieve positive outcomes including:

  • 92%   Increase in successful at-home screening

  • 24%   Reduction in technically inadequate home testing

  • 14%   Improvement in device adherence

  • 90%   Of patients rated Twistle as helpful or very helpful

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Secure text messaging increases patient engagement to improve medical device and testing success

Twistle’s clinical content and communication best practices drive a connected experience for patients to:

  • Facilitate prior authorization
  • Proactively answer questions
  • Optimize test and device compliance
  • Reduce phone calls
  • Promote proper maintenance and use of consumables
  • Facilitate return shipping

An extensive library of communication pathways can be customized for specific devices, tests and patient segments

Secure messaging best practices are used to inform, coach and engage patients to optimize pre-approval, compliance and distribution management for a variety of tests and devices including the following, with others in development:

  • Blood and swab kits
  • Cardiac monitors
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices
  • Genetic tests
  • Physical therapy machines
  • Pulse oximeters

A holistic approach to device and test management generates a measurable ROI

Twistle’s patient engagement program generates financial benefits by:

  • Facilitating insurance pre-approval
  • Optimizing patient success with device or test set-up and use
  • Increasing in-home test completion
  • Reducing phone call volume
  • Improving device and test return upon discontinuation
  • Increasing consumable sales for long-term use of medical devices
  • Providing detailed analytics to inform ongoing program optimization opportunities

Download the Medical Device and Test Reimbursement Datasheet

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