MedTech Forum 2021 – Healthy Futures by 2025

The Rise of Digital Health Innovation: Spotlight on Care Delivery

Join us and Twistle by Health Catalyst Founder and CEO, Kulmeet Singh, for MedTech Forum 2021 – Healthy Futures by 2025. 

Digital health is on the rise paving the way for the expansion of care at home and on the go. Tomorrow’s always-on ecosystems will rely on the ever-evolving medical technology sector for in-home diagnostics and treatment tools, virtual care, automated and streamlined R&D, and surgical tools. The successful care system of the future will ensure health data can be easily accessible by clinicians and consumers alike to enable connected care.

About MedTech Forum 2021

At APACMed, we believe that the future of healthcare is one that involves new care delivery models with engaged patients, empowered providers and expansive policies. The time is now to make our collective smart bets. Now in its seventh year, MedTech Forum 2021 (MTF2021) will focus on a few key themes that offer the potential to transform how healthcare is delivered and improve patient outcomes:

  • Power to the Patient
  • New Care Models
  • Capability Building
  • Reimbursment Pathways
  • Innovative Collaborations

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