The New Twistle Home Screen

Faster. Smarter. Efficient.

Monitor and engage with patients in less time and with fewer clicks.
Check out the highlights below. 👇

We built Twistle for YOU.

We’re committed to building the best experience for the people using Twistle every day, and we believe that new design and features should enhance the experience, not complicate it.

We’re excited to showcase the new home screen and intuitive features, making it easier than ever to use Twistle. We put all the important actions into a convenient navigation bar so you can quickly invite new patients, start workflows, and start new conversations. We surfaced patient workflow trackers and added customizable graphs – so you can now view this from your home screen.

Here are just a few of the ways the new home screen will make it easier to connect and care for your patients:

Take Action From One Screen

Access everything you need on one screen. Invite patients and initiate conversations from the new navigation panel.

Monitor Patients At-A-Glance

Track patient progress across your most important workflows and dig deeper where attention is needed.

Gather Context

View patient progress alongside conversations. Visualize workflow status before, during and after conversations and alerts.

Engage From Patient Search Bar

Start new conversations and workflows directly from search results. Search for patients by name, phone number, email address, or patient ID.

Available on 8.14.19

Want to use the new home screen?

This update is for staff only – the patient experience will not be impacted. Your home screen won’t change on you overnight – you decide when your practice wants to opt-in and try it out.

Feedback or questions? We’d love to hear from you. Email