In the last few days, I have had several conversations with clients and other entrepreneurs about the implications of the election for the health care industry. Physicians, administrators, and technologists seem uncertain about the future.

If the Affordable Care Act is repealed in part or whole, how will that impact value-based care initiatives?

Will MACRA survive?

What about bundled payments and accountable care?

Can we expect new initiatives?

It seems unlikely that we can answer these questions definitively at least for several months, and perhaps, longer. So how do we reckon with this uncertainty?

Companies that were guided by first principles will face less turmoil. And for others, I would suggest that in uncertain times, take refuge in first principles.

In healthcare for technology ventures those principles are simple:

  1. Do the right thing for the patient.
  2. Make the clinician’s life better.

It may seem that I am belaboring the obvious, but even cursory experience as a patient with most healthcare systems will reveal that I am not. And few clinicians I meet are happy with the current state, and most technology solutions make their life worse, not better.

It may not be obvious how these postulates lead to profitability or revenue, and that path may not be a straight line.

But for those whose lodestar remains the best experience for clinicians and patients, success will come sooner or later, no matter who is at the helm of our government.