Out with the old

In with the BLUE.

We’re excited to launch a new, BLUE, experience. We’re keeping all the great features and functionality our partners love, we’ve just made it a little easier on the eyes 😍. Take a look at some of the highlights of the new design below.

We built Twistle for YOU.

We’re committed to building the best experience for the people using Twistle every day, and we believe that new design and features should enhance the experience, not complicate it.

We’re excited to showcase the new design and intuitive features, making it easier than ever to use Twistle. Utilizing a light background with blue accents (calming yet still attention-getting), we’re giving our users a fresh perspective, and now with the ability to expand a conversation and instantly communicate, we’re saving users time while adding efficiency.

We believe that our web browser design should follow today’s messaging paradigm, allowing users to effortlessly and intuitively interact with Twistle, just as they would with text messaging, Facebook Messenger, iMessage or other messaging tools.

New Fresh Color Palette

We know clinicians spend A LOT of time staring at a screen… we made Twistle a little easier on the eyes. 😍

Preview Conversations

Just like every other app you’re using today… Open a conversation without losing sight of your inbox.

Pathway Steps. Organized.

We know the power 💪 of automation is in the pathway steps, that’s why we’ve given them their own tab.

In With The Blue

Experience the new look 🙌