Patient Engagement Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Twistle’s secure, automated patient communication platform is designed to keep patients engaged with personalized guidance across every step of the care journey.

With a rich library of clinically optimized content and machine learning pathways, you can deliver the right message to patients at the right time to:

  • Improve care quality
  • Reduce variability of care
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Increase satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improve health equity across patient populations

All while increasing revenue, decreasing costs, and streamlining organizational workflows across service lines.

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Reducing Readmissions by Proactively Engaging Patients

Improve Quality, Reduce Care Variability

Every patient’s care journey is unique, so keeping them on track with their medical plan of care can be a challenge. That’s why Twistle’s patient engagement solution is built to ensure that each patient has an exceptional experience, while also optimizing quality measure compliance and outcomes.

Twistle’s powerful, machine learning-based clinical communication pathways collect data and automatically adjust patient messages to optimize engagement and the patient experience, which improves outcomes and satisfaction. 

By overcoming access barriers and communicating with patients using secure SMS text messaging, you’ll be able to reach a broader patient cohort and eliminate health inequities related to geographic location, financial resources, and technology access.

Optimize Revenue and Decrease Costs

Twistle puts the patient at the heart of the healthcare journey throughout a range of population health initiatives – from wellness activities to managing patients with complex chronic conditions. 

Our proven patient engagement solutions and integration with remote physiologic monitoring (RPM) devices helps diagnose, monitor, and effectively manage health and wellness, while helping staff prioritize care for patients that need more support.

With the ability to personalize communication based on each patient’s care plan, assessment form responses, and RPM data, you can ensure you’re delivering the right message at the right time to keep patients engaged and on track. 


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Credena Health Case Study

Increase Adherence and Patient Satisfaction

Helping patients adhere to their treatment plan requires an outreach strategy that incorporates reminders, coaching, emotional support, and a steady stream of educational content that breaks down complex medical concepts into easy-to-understand instructions. 

Patients recover faster and feel better when they comply with care protocols, yet many organizations struggle to engage patients in their care. Whether you are helping patients manage chronic conditions or treating rare diseases, Twistle can help you remove barriers to compliance with customized clinical communication pathways and monitoring tools.

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Supporting Women’s Health

Twistle’s women’s health clinical pathways support patients across all stages of their healthcare journey. 

With automated communication pathways you can monitor, coach and support women before and after appointments, diagnostic tests, procedures, deliveries, and surgical events.

Learn how Twistle is helping leading healthcare systems by downloading our latest women’s healthcare infographic.

Credena Health Case Study