Member Experience and Satisfaction

Personalize Your Member Experience

Stay connected to your members by delivering important information directly to their mobile phones to improve the member experience, outcomes, and satisfaction.

Twistle incorporates member data such as SDoH, health status, and demographics into member outreach activities to individualize the engagement experience. You can also overcome health literacy challenges and successfully activate members in their medical plan of care by:

  • Assessing knowledge
  • Conducting preventive screening
  • Identifying barriers to care
  • Evaluating risk factors
  • Gathering data on lifestyle habits
  • Simplifying chronic condition management

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Improve Member Outcomes

Improve Member Outcomes and Quality of Life

Meet your members where they live their digital lives – their mobile phones – and give them tools to engage and play an active role in their health. Use Twistle’s proven member engagement best practices to:

  • Improve utilization of wellness care 
  • Increase medication, device, and care plan adherence
  • Connect members with resources to improve their health
  • Partner with members in their management of chronic conditions
  • Use real-time alerts and dashboards to drive timely intervention

Learn how Twistle’s proven member engagement platform is built to integrate with remote patient monitoring devices to drive results.

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Health Plan Member Experience

Understand the Health Plan Member Experience

Collect member experience data to communicate how much you value their opinions, and to increase their sense of attachment to your company and plan. Twistle’s gentle nudges and timely communication optimize member participation in your process improvement surveys and official CAHPS surveys.

  • Collect member experience data
  • Encourage completion of official surveys
  • Realize higher CAHPS survey completion rates

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Download the Member Engagement Guide

Learn how Twistle’s digital engagement platform can power your member communication strategy and drive results with:

  • Seamless integration with your existing systems
  • Personalized, step-by-step guidance
  • Alerts and dashboards to prioritize care management needs

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