CRO Patient Engagement Solutions

Holistic Engagement for Contract Research Organizations

Twistle’s secure, automated patient communication platform is designed to provide a holistic patient engagement approach to support clinical trials, from recruitment through collecting data to measurement of outcomes.

Download our Patient Engagement Guide for Life Sciences to learn how Twistle can help drive patient access, inclusive research, and manage complexity.

CRO patient engagement solutions
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Simplify Screening, Enrollment, and Engagement

Deliver targeted digital communication to drive inclusive research and optimize recruitment.

Twistle helps you overcome access barriers by communicating with patients using secure SMS text messaging. You’ll be able to reach a broader patient cohort and eliminate health inequities related to geographic location, financial resources, and technology access.

Initial outreach to patients is streamlined and cold calling is drastically reduced.

Access a National Repository of High-Quality, Research-Grade Data

Transform clinical trial design and site feasibility, and identify patient cohorts of interest.

The Health Catalyst Research Offering facilitates collaboration across hospitals, medical centers, biopharma and device companies as well as CROs to increase the efficiency, reach, and value of clinical research efforts.

We help the strategic feasibility team evaluate trial and site selection and identify patient cohorts of interest. The automatic initiation of patient messaging protocols to identified cohorts expedites trial execution, reduces costs, and creates a competitive edge for your organization.

Patient Engagement Webinars

Collect Rich Patient Data Using Automated Pathways

Personalized communication keeps patients engaged throughout the trial. 

HIPAA-compliant patient messaging improves your ability to scale trials, collect patient-generated data, and drive retention — throughout the trial and beyond. You’ll save time and resources by employing Twistle to automatically collect the following: 

Reducing Readmissions by Proactively Engaging Patients
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Streamline Operations and Call Center Efficiency

Twistle helps your clinical teams identify and prioritize patients who require additional follow-up and support. 

Our easy-to-use digital engagement strategy helps your team:

  • Reduce trial complexity for patients by breaking down educational content into consumable pieces
  • Keep your patients engaged throughout the trial, reducing risk of patient drop out (lost to follow-up)
  • Streamline existing workflows and call center processes
  • Decrease trial failure rates

Our patient engagement solution also seamlessly integrates with other vendors/systems:

  • Facilitates coordination and shipment of trial materials to/from patient’s home for hybrid and decentralized trials
  • Ensures a seamless patient record
  • Streamlines care team workflows
  • Uses your existing alerting methodologies to highlight patients requiring outreach or intervention

Download the Life Sciences Patient Engagement Guide

Learn how Twistle’s automated digital communication platform can power your life sciences patient communication strategy and drive results with:

  • Equity in research
  • Broad and rapid adoption
  • Adherence
  • Lower trial costs and failure rates

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Life Sciences Patient Engagement Guide