Life Sciences Patient Engagement Solutions

Holistic Engagement for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

Innovative pharma and biotech organizations know that to impact patients lives you need to keep them engaged. Twistle’s secure patient communication platform is designed to deliver the right information to the right patient at the right time.

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Credena Health Case Study

Support Medication Adherence

HIPAA-compliant text messaging provides educational information, reminders, and motivation to optimize adherence. 

Use Twistle’s automated communication pathways to improve patient outreach and eliminate barriers to medication adherence. Our patient engagement platform can help your organization: 

  • Deliver ongoing education to patients 
  • Provide motivation, encouragement, and reminders
  • Identify barriers before they have a negative impact
  • Streamline refill management and specialty medication delivery 

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5 Key Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

Simplify Post-Marketing Surveillance

Collect more real-world data with simple, secure SMS text messaging.

Reduce barriers to data collection by meeting your patients where they live their digital lives – their mobile phone. Our simple, accessible approach to patient communication optimizes your collection of a variety of patient-generated data, while saving time and resources including: 

  • Clinical symptoms 
  • Medication adherence
  • Access challenges
  • Adverse events
  • Remote physiologic monitoring (RPM) parameters
  • Patient reported outcomes (PROs)

Conduct Patient-Centric Marketing

Personalize patient outreach to optimize satisfaction and retention.

Exceed consumer expectations through automatic individualization of messages for each patient. Twistle uses Artificial Intelligence that learns from user behavior and existing data sets to deliver tailored messaging, which optimizes the patient experience and increases satisfaction with your brand. You can count on Twistle to help you: 

  • Support product launch activities 
  • Ensure long-term patient engagement 
  • Prevent or discourage switch
  • Optimize adherence
  • Support outcome-based reimbursement
  • Reduce trial recruitment costs and dropout rates 
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“The text message reminders and ease of submitting
refills have been a great improvement in helping me
taking dosages on the same day and time. Thank you!”

Patient, Twistle User

Middle aged couple smiling on a couch

Support Precision Medicine Initiatives

Increase knowledge about the impact of genetic and biological differences on patient outcomes. 

Twistle by Health Catalyst customers benefit from our 70+ health system customer network to empower targeted patient outreach, as well as the ability to understand outcome variation across patient populations.

This data empowers real-time message personalization, while also informing your ongoing therapeutic strategies and initiatives.

Download the Life Sciences Patient Engagement Guide

Learn how Twistle’s automated digital communication platform can power your life sciences patient communication strategy and drive results with:

  • Equity in research
  • Broad and rapid adoption
  • Adherence
  • Lower trial costs and failure rates

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Life Sciences Patient Engagement Guide