Specialty Pharmacy Patient Engagement Solutions

Improving Adherence and Patient Retention 

Utilize patient engagement software that guides and engages patients throughout all phases of the patient journey.

Twistle automates HIPAA-compliant text messages that keep patients on-track and supported throughout their care journey.

See how one specialty pharmacy, Credena Health, deployed Twistle to ensure medications are refilled and delivered in an efficient and convenient way leading to less waste, improved adherence, and higher rates of patient satisfaction.

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Credena Health Case Study

Simplify the Patient Experience with Getting Started on Treatment

Twistle supports specialty pharmacies in simplifying the process for getting a patient started on a new medication. 

Specialty pharmacies use Twistle pathways to: 

  • Quickly collect insurance information
  • Coordinate medication deliveries
  • Deliver educational resources
  • Communicate financial assistance programs` 



“The Twistle pathway significantly reduces phone calls for our team and patients like that they can respond using the digital forms whenever it’s convenient for them.”

Twistle Client

Credena Health Case Study

Streamline the Medication Refill Process

Once a patient is ready for their medication to be refilled, Twistle pathways can: 

  • Automate refill reminders
  • Coordinate delivery shipments
  • Reduce staff phone calls

Improve Adherence and Drive Patient Retention

Keeping patients involved throughout their care journey often leads to better outcomes. Twistle can be implemented throughout the patient care journey to: 

  • Provide ongoing encouragement and medication reminders
  • Proactively identify and address barriers before they have a negative impact
  • Collect surveys and patient-reported outcomes
  • Drive customer satisfaction and retention
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“The text message reminders and ease of submitting
refills have been a great improvement in helping me
taking dosages on the same day and time. Thank you!”

Patient, Twistle User

Drive Better Patient Outcomes

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