Reducing Health Inequities

How Remote Monitoring Improves Access To Care, Reduces Health Inequities

Clinical leaders at ChristianaCare sought to improve early detection of postpartum hypertension and type 2 diabetes to reduce hospital readmissions, prevent long-term health complications, and decrease the incidence of stroke and death. This session describes how they overcame poor office follow-up visit rates by deploying a mobile-based remote patient monitoring system post-discharge, achieving 91% patient engagement, reducing 30-day readmissions by 55%, increasing diabetes detection among Black women 6-fold, and lessening racial disparities in healthcare.

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Webinar Highlights

Matthew Hoffman, MD, MPH, FACOG presents the clinical challenges of early detection and management of chronic disease among postpartum women and his research-based strategies to close gaps in healthcare disparities for women in disadvantaged communities. No time for the webinar? Read a recap!