Patient Engagement

Engaged patients are more likely to have improved outcomes and higher patient satisfaction. Use automated patient engagement as a force-multiplier to your existing efforts.
Send the right information, at the right time, automatically.

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Learn how Twistle’s digital engagement platform can power your patient communication strategy and drive results with:

  • Automated clinical messaging pathways that deliver the right message at the right time
  • Real-time engagement monitoring
  • Seamless integratation with existing EMR and CRM solutions

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Discover why Twistle is the easiest and most powerful way to engage your patients during their entire episode and on-going care.

Personalized Value-Based Care

Powered by Twistle

Patient Engagement

Pathway Automation

Personalized Value-Based Care

Powered by Twistle

EHR Integration

Data Collection

Reduced Readmissions


Average cost of each avoided readmission is $15,366.

Satisfied Patients



Based on convenience, ease of use and overall satisfaction.

Reduced No-Show Rate



Average cost savings: $2,779 per cancellation.

Reduced Phone Calls



Fewer calls to office staff and after-hours answering service.

Patient Engagement

Powered by Twistle

Patient Education

Empower your patients with the information they need at the right time. Patients on Twistle have better outcomes and fewer readmissions.



Automatically deliver Enhanced Recovery Protocol messages, education and reminders to patients. Improving patient compliance, and adherence.


Secure Messaging

Clinicians and patients can automatically send and receive HIPAA-compliant messages including text, emojis, photos, and videos.


Powered by Twistle

Messaging ChatBots

Twistle’s automation engine can engage, respond and manage conversations, allowing staff and clinicians to take over conversations that need extra attention.

Auto Triage

Automatically send alerts and follow-up messages based on survey responses and triage appropriately based on pre-defined rules and on-call schedule.

Reputation Management

Clinicians and patients can automatically send and receive HIPAA-compliant messages including text, emojis, photos, and videos.


Powered by Twistle

EHR Integration

Twistle integrates seamlessly with EHRs, registries, databases and predictive analytics tools. The Twistle platform is configured to fit into your existing IT ecosystem.

IoT Smart Devices

Automatically sync data from smart devices, such as blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, CPAP machines, activity trackers and much more. Collecting real-time data and taking action.

API Engine

Connect Twistle to third-party services and software. Make web service calls to ride-sharing apps, shipping/logistics, scheduling on-call services and much more.

Data Collection

Powered by Twistle


PRO Collection

Create and rapidly deploy surveys to collect and report patient data, and then automatically act upon patient concerns to improve patient satisfaction.

Patient Status Tracking

Easily view and take action with patient progress and alerts in one place. Confirm message delivery, patient engagement, and monitor triage alerts.

Performance Reporting

Collect and report on key metrics and goals. Updating in real-time to take process improvement actions and redefine more efficient protocols.

Trusted by leading health systems, clinicians, patients, and DME providers

“My patients are coming in prepared and informed… and they love that they get the information on their phones… our readmissions are drastically down since implementing Twistle.”

John Park MD

Colon and Rectal Surgeon, Advocate Health Care

“Twistle provides clinical teams with a platform to quickly plan and create a standard process, implement, gather data and improve processes to continuously shape and improve outcomes.”

William DePaso MD

Internal Medicine, CMO - Process Improvement

“Our team was spending hours engaging patients, but outcomes and patient experience were still a problem. Twistle has completely flipped this – with Twistle we’re seeing improved PROs.”

Amir Bastawrous MD, MBA

Colon and Rectal Surgeon, Swedish Medical Center

Does Twistle have a preconfigured clinical pathway library?
Twistle has a growing library of pre-built clinically validated pathways. You can start building your own pathways from these templates and configure or customize to your specialty or practice.
Will Twistle integrate with my EHR?
Yes, Twistle integrates seamlessly with all EHR software. We have several instances of integration and several levels of support. Let us know if you’d like to discuss API support and/or HL7 integration, we’d be happy to run you through examples and use cases.
What if my patients don't have a smart phone?
Twistle is a multimodal platform, meaning, we can deliver messages and reminders through smartphone apps (Apple and Android), text message (SMS), computer browser, EHR portal and regular old phone calls (IVR or recorded voice).
Is this going to be more work for my team?
No, our product and implementation will have your staff and clinicians up and running after a few meetings/trainings. We’ve worked hard to build a platform that fits into your existing IT ecosystem and can be configured to work best for your individual team.

Discover why Twistle is an easy and effective way to engage with your patients across all clinical specialties, procedures, and chronic conditions.