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Digital Patient Engagement Platform

The “Patients First” Engagement Platform

Innovative life sciences companies know that to impact patients’ lives you need to keep them engaged throughout their treatment journey. Twistle’s customizable patient communication software guides and engages patients throughout all phases of the product life cycle.

From clinical trials through commercialization and post-marketing surveillance, Twistle automates HIPAA-compliant communication between life sciences teams and patients to create a personalized experience that:

  • Increases patient engagement and retention
  • Improves treatment adherence
  • Streamlines care team workflows
  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Empowers patients to be active participants in their treatment journey

Build and deploy pathways that deliver the right message to the right patient at the right time, using secure SMS text, a patient portal, Twistle/3rd party app or interactive voice response (IVR). Twistle also integrates with your teams or partner organizations CRM and can enable remote patient monitoring.

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Download the Life Sciences Patient Engagement Guide

Learn how Twistle’s automated digital communication platform can power your life sciences patient communication strategy and drive results with:

  • Equity in research
  • Broad and rapid adoption
  • Adherence
  • Lower trial costs and failure rates

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Life Sciences Patient Engagement Guide

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