Sometimes it can feel as though COVID-19 has been around for an eternity given its impact on everyday life in America.  So it’s a little mind-boggling that it was in just mid-January that the first recognized case in the US was announced, and mid-March when it was categorized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).  Yet, despite the recent growth in pandemic response solutions, Twistle has been working on support for special pathogens with patient communication automation and remote patient monitoring since 2017.  Twistle’s experience in developing special pathogen monitoring solutions, including annual live testing of the capabilities to assure readiness, allowed our team to hit the ground running.  When health systems had to quickly pivot to remote patient monitoring to aid in the mitigation of the spread of the novel coronavirus this year, Twistle was ready with six key remote patient monitoring workflows.

In the past several weeks, Twistle has further expanded our expertise by working closely with some of the largest health systems across the US to implement and optimize COVID-19 workflows.  Working day and night with patient care and telehealth teams, we have further improved our technology platform, our COVID-specific pathways, and our implementation methodology.  Just a few months into the pandemic, Twistle is proud to offer multiple pathways built to support CDC training and guidance that are flexible enough to support the needs of any health system, as is evidenced by the fact that we are live with them at over 250 hospitals in the US already, in just over a month’s time. 


1.Twistle COVID-19 “Direct to Consumer” Workflow
Target: “I have questions about COVID-19.”

Patients who are searching for information on social media/websites
All concerned people:

  • Healthy, asymptomatic
  • Possible exposure, not tested
  • COVID-19 positive, asymptomatic
  • COVID-19 positive, symptomatic, not evaluated
  • COVID-19 positive, outpatient evaluated and released
  • COVID-19 positive, hospitalized and released

2. Twistle COVID-19 Prevention Workflow
Target: “I feel fine, how do I stay healthy?”

Patients who call triage call centers who are at low risk of infection

3. Twistle COVID-19 Screening Workflow
Target: “I feel fine, but I may have been exposed to a person with COVID-19.”

  • Patients who phone or message/triage call centers with exposure concern 
  • Personal hygiene reminders

4. Twistle COVID-19 Self Monitoring Workflow
Target:  “I am COVID-19 positive with no risk factors for serious illness and have mild (or no) symptoms.” 

  • Patients who phone or message-triage call centers with symptoms but are well enough to quarantine at home and self-monitor
  • Patients who have been evaluated by a provider in a clinic or emergency department, don’t require hospitalization and are well enough to self-monitor   

5. Twistle COVID-19 Exposed Healthcare Worker Self Monitoring Workflow
Target: “I am a healthcare worker who has been told by Infection Control that I have had close contact with a COVID-19 positive patient.”

Healthcare workers who have had exposure to COVID-19 but are well enough to quarantine at home and self-monitor

6. Twistle COVID-19 RN (Centralized or Active) Monitoring Workflow (with or without oximetry)
Target:“I am COVID-19 positive, have seen a doctor but was told I was not sick enough to be hospitalized.”

  • Patients with documented or probable COVID-19 infection who have been initially evaluated at a clinic or emergency department and don’t need to initially evaluated at a clinic or emergency department and don’t need to be hospitalized    
  • Patients who have been discharged after hospitalization but need continued active monitoring by clinical staff.

With experience built over the past three years, and tempered by our learnings from supporting care teams who are on the frontlines of the current pandemic, Twistle is ready to help you with six key remote patient monitoring workflows ready for rapid deployment. If you want to learn how to implement proven workflows for remote patient monitoring and digital communications for your patients and staff, click here or visit us at