Receiving a diagnosis of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) can be overwhelming for patients. Not only is COPD often misdiagnosed but there is currently no cure. 

Furthermore, starting a new treatment can be a challenge, as patients can receive numerous COPD treatments at once and they need to use a medical device as a part of their treatment.

For patients with mild-to-severe symptoms, physicians may prescribe a long-acting maintenance treatment such as a bronchodilator, which can be used to treat COPD symptoms over time. Typically, these treatments are taken once or twice a day, using an inhaler or nebulizer device and offer patients a longer duration of symptom relief. 

For newly diagnosed patients, understanding how a maintenance treatment works, how to properly administer the treatment and why it’s important to remain on treatment over time can all be barriers throughout the patient’s treatment journey

Twistle chronic care management pathways can be implemented to ensure an optimal experience for patients who are either starting a new COPD maintenance treatment or continuing an existing treatment regimen.

Support Treatment Education 

The first step in ensuring patient success is empowering the patient to better understand why a treatment was prescribed and how to use it. 

For some COPD patients, this may be the first time they’ve been prescribed a treatment that includes a medical device. By developing and sharing educational content with the patient in a format that is easy to understand, your organization can increase the opportunity for a successful start. Furthermore, patients can refer back to this content in the future if they need a refresher. 

Twistle can seamlessly deliver educational content to patients in a manner that is digestible and easy to access. 

Provide Ongoing Adherence Support 

A common behavior for COPD patients prescribed a maintenance treatment is to decrease their usage as they begin to feel better. Knowing that it’s crucial for patients to stay consistent with their treatment regimen in order to continue experiencing symptom relief, Twistle provides ongoing reminders, motivational messages and facilitate check-ins with patients to support adherence

By providing helpful ongoing check-ins and reminders, the likelihood of a patient staying on their maintenance treatment may be increased. This high touch approach to patient communication can also strengthen the relationship between the patient and your company. 

Maximize Patient Success

By taking a proactive and strategic approach to patient communication, your company can ensure that patients feel empowered throughout every step of their treatment journey.

If you’re looking to drive greater engagement for patients experiencing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, contact us to learn more about how Twistle can help. Contact Us.


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