How You Can Improve Patient Engagement

You’re already doing an amazing job providing the highest quality medical care to your patients, but, what if you could automate the process beyond the healthcare facility without any extra work?

That’s why we developed Twistle, and also why we decided to partner with Xealth, a cloud-based platform that makes bringing healthcare solutions to your patients easier than ever before. Xealth is an integral piece of the whole, enabling our platform to seamlessly integrate with an existing EHR with zero extra work for the provider. We are now proud to offer a complete application that puts efficiency back into healthcare management.

The Power of Automation

At Twistle, we believe in empowering patients to take an active interest in managing their healthcare. With our platform, providers are able to automate their clinical pathway and clinical surveillance, and the delivery of content and care instructions without any added systems. This eliminates the burden of shifting through third-party tools or manually connecting to analytics tools and various other platforms.

Instead, Twistle will automatically connect to these tools, such as FedEx and Uber, and critical health-monitoring smart devices like CPAP machines and smart blood pressure cuffs. So, while the application is making it easier for you to provide the content and tools your patients need to take control of their health, it’s also making it more convenient for you to monitor them while they’re at home.

Monitor Patient Engagement Right from Your Existing EHR

Through the Twistle app, you can monitor how patients are engaging with the healthcare content you are providing them through one provider portal that integrates with your EHR system. That means we are enabling providers to have virtually instantaneous access to electronic health records in addition to digital healthcare apps and content that you personalize to meet their individual healthcare needs, all through one easy-to-use portal.

Twistle has effectively removed the extra workload from the equation by automating this process and keeping it simple for you to give your patients what they need and keep them engaged with their personal healthcare. It also keeps you and your team on top of your game by providing real-time feedback that allows you to see where there is room for improvement and implement changes as needed.