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Tip #1: How to increase patient engagement from the very first message!

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The act of texting with a healthcare provider may be unfamiliar to your patients. They’re probably also dealing with an influx of text spam and may not respond to your first message for fear of introducing a virus, particularly if there are no clues about the source of the message in the text.


Here’s what patients have to say about this approach:
  • It came from an unknown number, with no identification to who it was in the message, and an unknown link. It looked like a scam link.
  • I almost deleted it without reading and following the link because the number was unknown.
Pro Tip: Consider changing the structure of the first message in each of your pathways to optimize patient engagement:
  • Greet your patients by name
  • Include your practice or health system name
  • Mention the reason for your text

Compare these two notification messages. After following our simple “Pro Tips,” the message appears more legitimate and is, therefore, more likely to garner a click from your patients.



How do patients respond to this message structure?

Once I knew it was a safe link I found it very helpful.”

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