Twistle partners with Xealth, a cloud-based prescribing and analytics platform, to allow providers to access Twistle’s patient engagement and care management platform without leaving their EHR.

Seattle, March 1, 2018 – Twistle, the nation’s leading patient engagement platform announced today a partnership with Xealth, a unique digital prescribing platform that enables physicians to order customized Twistle care plans for their patients from within the electronic health record (EHR).

This partnership will transform the way busy clinicians engage patients and solicit their participation in their own care. Xealth allows clinicians to prescribe to patients virtually any useful digital content without leaving the patient record. Switching contexts from the electronic health record to another platform, such as a patient engagement solution, can be taxing for busy clinicians. Twistle’s integration with Xealth removes such barriers allowing care teams to prescribe effective and personalized care plans for patients, and then monitor and track the patient’s adherence to those plans back in the EHR.

“Twistle is built to improve both patient and clinician experience and with the Xealth integration we’re able to provide swift deployment with EHRs like EPIC.”  said Kulmeet Singh, CEO Twistle, “We’re excited about our Xealth integration, which allows us to fit into the existing healthcare IT ecosystem, creating a seamless workflow, from scheduling procedures or visits, to delivering secure messaging and automating care plans.”

Since its launch in 2016, Xealth has enabled hospitals and vendors within the healthcare system to integrate, prescribe and monitor digital solutions designed to improve healthcare management with just one platform. Clinicians can now connect with their patients at every step of their healthcare procedure, from the earliest stages of paperwork to scheduling follow-ups and prescribing digital apps and content to assist patients in their healthcare management.

“Xealth is very excited to be partnering with Twistle and their innovative patient engagement platform,” Mike McSherry, CEO Xealth, said in a statement. “We’re building a platform that enables efficient integration of digital tools to clinical workflows.  Technology shouldn’t stand in the way of great care and we’re helping Health Systems implement a suite of best of breed partners to improve both clinician and patient experiences.”

Twistle’s integration with Xealth specifically aims to aid in chronic care, pre-op, intra-op, and post-op surgical recovery clinical pathways. To learn more about the Twistle platform, please visit


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About Twistle:
Founded in 2011, Twistle is changing the way patients engage with their care. Through enhanced recovery (ERAS), clinically validated protocols and population health management initiatives the Twistle platform is automating much of the tedious messaging and ongoing surveillance that is required to help keep patients on track. The automated collection of patient-reported outcomes and IoT/device integrations allow Twistle to personalize patient journeys.