What is Twistle?

Watch this short video to see why Twistle is so effective at engaging patients throughout their health journeys.

Patients and their caregivers can be overwhelmed when navigating complex health journeys. Give them step by step support with automated communication and care management pathways from Twistle. Proactive, timely information delivered at the right time helps patients stay on track, reduces phone calls and administrative work for the care team, and ultimately results in better outcomes and lower costs.

Typical results for our pathways include:

  • 30% Shorter Length of Stay
  • 38% Fewer 30-day Readmissions and ED Visits
  • 30% Lower No-Show Rate
  • 29% Fewer Phone Calls

Proven Return on Investment

Healthcare providers across the country trust Twistle to deliver measurable ROI by helping them effectively engage patients in their care to increase care plan adherence, lower lengths of stay, reduce readmissions and ED visits, and more.

Ready to harness the value of Twistle’s patient engagement platform?

Discover why Twistle is an easy and effective way to engage with your patients across all clinical specialties, procedures, and chronic conditions.