Digital Patient Engagement Technology

Putting Patients First

Every member of your organization pursued a career in healthcare because they wanted to help people live their healthiest lives. We built Twistle with the belief that the technology they use should share that same mission – putting patients first.

From customizable automated messaging pathways to clinically optimized content, Twistle’s patient engagement software supports providers in their quest to provide exceptional care and reassuring support every day. We’d love to show you how.

Automated Patient Communication Software

Engage Patients Every Step of Their Care Journey

Keeping patients on track requires a patient engagement software designed to deliver the right information at the right time. Twistle offers proven automated clinical communication pathways and monitoring tools that allow you to streamline care and focus your attention on the patients who need it most.

Download our latest video to see how Twistle delivers tailored and timely communication, keeping patients engaged and supported at every step of their care journey.

Healthcare ROI

Calculate Return on Investment

Have confidence that your patient engagement software solution can generate the promised return on clinical, financial and operational outcomes. Use our ROI Calculators to see how Twistle can work for you.

Flexible Digital Engagement Software

Customized Patient Communication

Every patient’s care journey is unique. That’s why Twistle’s patient engagement software platform is built to be flexible. You can edit and customize a rich library of existing pathways or create new pathways tailored to your specific needs – all personalized for the patient based on their care plan, form responses, and remote physiologic monitoring data.

You also need to connect with patients in a way they feel most comfortable. That is why Twistle supports patient outreach via SMS text, through the Twistle app, interactive voice response (IVR), or through your existing portal.

Want to learn more? Download our latest infographic on patient engagement best practices. 

Healthcare Return on Investment (ROI)

Delivering Results That Put Patient Care Front and Center

We understand the financial pressures of today’s healthcare environment. Care delivery and business model changes must focus on operational efficiency, clinical quality and virtual health. You need solutions that generate a significant ROI by safely reducing length of stay and readmissions, increasing patient satisfaction, and improving care team efficiency. That’s why our clients trust Twistle to deliver patient focused results that impact the bottomline.

Learn more about how Twistle delivers a postive patient engagement ROI.

Seamless EHR and CRM Integration

Streamlined Experience for Patients and Your Team

We built Twistle to seamlessly integrate with your EHR, CRM, and other systems so your team spends time where they’re needed most — with their patients. Whether automatically initiating patient outreach through order sets, procedure schedules, or population health triggers, patients are automatically enrolled, and their response data is integrated back into source systems for a seamless clinical record.

Device Integration for Remote Monitoring

Connected to Patients More Than Ever Before

New technologies are changing the way patients stay connected and on track. Twistle’s discrete data integration with in-home monitoring devices enables personalized responses and data-driven care team communication. Helping patients stay engaged and on track. Twistle’s patient engagement technology incorporates a growing number of remote patient monitoring devices including:


  • Activity trackers

  • Blood pressure, heart rate and temperature monitors

  • CardioMEMS™ and ventricular assist devices (CADs)

  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) appliances

  • Glucose monitors

  • Pulse oximeters

  • Weight scales

hypertension patient

Improving the Patient Experience

Ready to Get Started?

Want to deliver a care experience for patients that is proactively managed, personalized to their individual needs, and delivered in a way that keeps them activated throughout their care journey? Schedule a demo with one of our Twistle experts and let’s get started.