Healthcare Return on Investment

How Twistle Delivers a Positive Patient Engagement ROI

Today more than ever, one of the most important factors in healthcare IT purchasing decisions must be return on investment (ROI). Margins are very thin, and you must have confidence that your patient engagement solution can generate the promised return on clinical, financial and operational outcomes.

Measurable ROI

Proven to Deliver on Your Investment

We’ve analyzed years of data and evolved our patient engagement platform to optimize patient outcomes across organizations of all sizes and geography.

A measurable ROI can only be achieved by effectively engaging patients in their care, which leads to increased care plan adherence, lower lengths of stay, fewer readmissions and ED visits, and more.

You can rely on Twistle to deliver results. Read our case studies to see how our clients benefit from better patient engagement.

Patient Engagement Strategy

Harness the value of Twistle’s patient engagement platform

Your digital health strategy should be an extension of your care team, giving patients the support they need to realize the best outcomes possible. That’s how Twistle is generating measurable ROI for its clients:

  • Achieving 90%+ patient engagement
  • Reducing care variation
  • Serving patient communication needs across service lines, procedures, and diagnoses
  • Impacting key metrics such as improved screening and disease detection, phone call volume, medication and device adherence, and many more

See How Twistle Is Changing Patient Engagement

Building Patient Satisfaction

How Is Patient Satisfaction Helping (or Hurting) Your Reputation?

A number of patient engagement benefits are qualitative in nature and sometimes difficult to unpack, but there are plenty of studies demonstrating that hospitals with better patient-reported experience perform better financially. Feedback can be difficult to acquire in a timely manner, and patient satisfaction challenges can lead to leakage or even reimbursement penalties.

We can help you dig into the potential return associated with patient satisfaction in terms of repeat procedure revenue, word-of-mouth and online rating-based referrals, and penalty avoidance related to low HCAHPS scores. Contact us to learn more.

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