Integration with Software and Devices

Improve Patient Engagement and Streamline Clinical Workflow

At Twistle, our goal is to make it easier for patients and care teams to connect. That is why we built a comprehensive communication and data platform designed to easily integrate with existing healthcare IT systems and remote physiologic monitoring devices.

A Powerful Healthcare Tool

Twistle’s flexible, platform agnostic software gives organizations the power to extend the capabilities of virtually all electronic health records (EHRs) while improving data integrity, continuity, and transparency.

Current client use cases include:

  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • Embedding Twistle inside the EMR portal, inbox, order sets, results and media folders
  • HL7-compliant integration with EMRs, care management system, registries, scheduling software, call center solutions and other customer relationship management (CRM) solutions
  • FHIR and SMART on FHIR to create a seamless user experience with Twistle, reduce the IT burden, and automate patient enrollment in Twistle communication pathways
  • Capturing data from a range of consumer devices including activity trackers, weight scales, glucometers, and more via blue tooth and cellular connectivity


Improve Outcomes and Reduce Clinical Workload

Integration with your existing electronic systems enables the automatic initiation of a series of secure messages with patients. You can eliminate the worry of manual activation and deliver a consistent and optimized patient experience using triggers such as:

  • EMRs: inclusion of patient messaging protocols as part of an order set, a discharge event (ADT feed), or entry of a new diagnosis
  • Surgical scheduling: time-based protocols associated with a procedure type and date
  • CRM platforms: age-specific reminders for screeing, zip code-based service offering notifications
  • Pharmaceutical hub provider platform: patient diagnosis-related drug trail options


Patient-Reported Outcomes Factsheet

Learn how Twistle’s digital engagement platform can power your patient-reported outcome strategy and drive results by:

  • Automatically sending survey questions according to time-based protocols
  • Breaking down complicated survey instruments into smaller forms
  • Delivering education on the importance of completing surveys

To download the factsheet, please complete the form below.

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Built for Seamless Integration

Twistle’s open architecture and robust API infrastructure provides programmers with access to features, data and functions using modern web technologies including:


    • IPSEC VPN Tunnels
    • Other Connectivity Options (e.g. SSH Tunnel)


    • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
    • Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0)

    Standards-based EHR Integration:

    • HL7 (ADT, ORM, SIU, ORU)
    • SMART-on-FHIR (both patient and provider launches)

    Robust API’s supporting the following:

    • Automatic export of system data to an existing data warehouse
    • Real time data export in common formats
    Patient Engagement Webinars

    Maintain a Single Patient Record and Plan of Care for Continuity

    Twistle’s integration also simplifies the provider and care team experience by supporting a seamless workflow and continuous patient record.  

    • Data collected from patient-entered forms and remote physiologic monitors populates the EMR, clinical data repository or data warehouse
    • Alerts are sent to the care team’s mobile phones, dashboards and/or inbox
    • Twistle can even serve as middleware to drive engagement through your existing patient portal to increase adoption

    Engagement Technology Proven to Deliver ROI

    Partner Integration Case Studies

    Twistle’s patient-focused approach has allowed us to partner with leading healthcare organizations across the country to meet the unique needs of their patients and organization. Learn more about how Twistle’s software is an integral part of supporting patients each step of their care journey.


    Improving Diagnostic Accuracy and Device Adherence

    Preventing readmissions with post-discharge monitoring

    Improving Detection of Postpartum Hypertension

    Download the Patient Engagement Guide

    Learn how Twistle’s digital engagement platform can power your patient communication strategy and drive results with:

    • Automated clinical messaging pathways that deliver the right message at the right time
    • Real-time engagement monitoring
    • Seamless integratation with existing EMR and CRM solutions

    Download the guide today to learn more.

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