Why Twistle?

Modernize patient communication, streamline workflows, lower costs and build patient loyalty.

Care teams realize productivity gains through the automatic initiation of personalized, HIPAA-compliant message pathways, and alerts and dashboards that focus attention on patients that require early intervention.


“The program works because of the radical convenience. Our patients love the ability to monitor their blood pressure from the comfort of their own homes, and without having to leave their newborn for a simple blood pressure check. We have had so much positive feedback from patients, doctors, and staff.”

Automated Patient Communication and Remote Patient Monitoring Best Practices

Engage all patients across their care journey through automated virtual communication.

By sending the right information at the right time, the Twistle platform streamlines workflows for providers and identifies patients in need of more help. With increased communication, patients feel engaged and supported every step of the way. Our library of multi-disciplinary clinical communication pathways keeps patients on track as they navigate care journeys.

Fully Configurable Platform

Customize your patient communication.

Twistle’s flexible platform empowers clients to edit and customize communication pathways to address their unique needs, or innovate new pathways on their own. These automated pathways can be shared across sites to drive standardization, and integrate within existing IT ecosystems. Furthermore, messages are personalized based upon the patient’s care plan, form responses and remote patient monitoring data. Our flexible digital health platform supports communication with patients via SMS text, the Twistle app, interactive voice response (IVR), or through your existing portal. 

EHR and CRM Integration

The Twistle platform integrates with your EHR, CRM and other systems to achieve a streamlined experience for your team and your patients.

Automatically initiate communication pathways with patients through order sets, schedules or population health metrics. Patient response data is integrated into source systems for a seamless clinical record.

Device Integration for Remote Physiological Monitoring

Twistle’s integration with a growing number of Internet of Things (IoT) RPM devices further automates and streamlines data collection.

Discrete data integration with a variety of in-home monitoring devices enables personalized auto responses and data-driven care team alerts including:

  • Activity trackers
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • CardioMEMSTM
  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) appliances
  • Glucose monitors
  • Heart monitors
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Thermometers
  • Ventricular assist devices (VADs)
  • Weight scales

Return on Investment (ROI)

Significant increase ROI by safely reducing length of stay and readmissions, while increasing patient satisfaction, and improving care team efficiency

Activating Patients

Scalable delivery of personalized virtual patient care

We believe every patient’s care should be proactively managed, personalized to their individual needs, and delivered to them in a convenient method. Care teams can rely on Twislte to provide patients focused attention to help guide them through their care journey.

Improve the health of your patients, deliver better outcomes at lower costs, and boost loyalty through automated patient engagement. Sign up for a demo today.

Twistle users, visit our Customer Support page or call 1-855-906-4680.
Do not use Twistle for emergency care.