Medical Device Management

Patient engagement technology that optimizes device and test set-up, use and return.

Improve adherence, patient outcomes and profitability. 

Customizable Content Drives Patient Activation

Personalized digital communication optimizes all phases of the medical device and test use-cycle.

An extensive library of communication pathways can be customized to your unique brand needs to create market differentiation and enhance care management programs.


Guide patients through set-up, utilization and return to improve adherence and reduce revenue loss

Secure patient messaging increases successful at-home screening and testing, and improves test and device return upon discontinuation.

  • Facilitate prior authorization
  • Proactively answer questions
  • Optimize test and device compliance
  • Reduce phone calls
  • Promote proper maintenance and use of consumables
  • Facilitate return shipping


HIPAA-compliant, customizable messages use education, coaching and support to optimize adherence.

Overcome adoption barriers to improve long-term patient outcomes and satisfaction.


Optimize revenue by improving staff efficiency, prior authorization, adherence and returns.

Automated delivery of a series of patient messages provides just-in-time education and coaching to guide patients through the medical device and test use process.

Improve the health of your patients, deliver better outcomes at lower costs, and boost loyalty through automated patient engagement. Sign up for a demo today.

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